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Mission #6

You made it, the Dappy minting is working - and your users are loving it. Everyday, there are thousands of new registrations on your site. For some users, however, minting single Dappies is not enough: they want Dappy packs!

Lara Dappy

Product manager

Hey, let's implement Dappy packs!

With Dappy packs, we want to allow users to buy multiple Dappies of one family at once.

Could you check how we can achieve that? Thanks!

The mission brief

This mission is all about implementing a pack functionality for our Dappy minting process.

The starting branch for this mission is mission-6

Dappy packs: contract overview

This short overview explains all of the contract-level data structures and functions that are involved in the pack minting process. Understanding the contract side will make it easier for you to write the frontend code.

Listing Dappy packs

First things first: We need to know what packs are available. To do that, we'll query our smart contract for any families that Dappies can be minted from.

Fetch families of Dappy pack

For every family, there are various Dappy templates to randomly choose the actual pack content from. In this video, we'll see how to get information about the templates associated with one family.

Minting Dappy packs

The final and most complex operation of our application is about to be implemeted: Minting multiple Dappies from one family at once by buying a Dappy pack.