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Mission #5

The first moment of truth is approaching: Dappy minting! You and the team are working hard on this important milestone, as the deadline is slowly coming closer. Will you be ready in time for the next release?

Chris Dappy

Solutions engineer

Finally we can allow to mint Dappies!

Can you please write the implementation on the frontend to handle the whole process?

Thank you, really appreciate your help!

The mission brief

This mission is all about minting Dappies using transactions.

The starting branch for this mission is mission-5

Preparation: listing user dappies

We'll get into the groove smoothly by doing something we already know very well: Writing scripts! This time, it's all about querying for a user's dappies.

The big milestone: minting Dappies

The final big milestone of your first assessment is here: Minting the first Dappy! After completing this video, your users will be able to mint Dappies to their collection, paying for them in FUSD.

Housekeeping: transaction provider

After we reached our big milestone of minting Dappies, let's now take some time for housekeeping: Our transaction provider. This provider gives users visual feedback on their running transactions and avoids putting in multiple transactions at once.