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Mission #4

As you slowly begin to get better at this blockchain stuff, your colleagues begin to notice the new skills you have gained - awesome! So it doesn't take long until one of them hits you up again on Slack, this time with an important mission: Let users use FUSD for their Dappy payments.

Hana Dappy

Senior developer

Heya, we want to integrate FUSD for payments! ๐Ÿ“ฆ

FUSD is a stablecoin on Flow. It's a fungible token backed by US dollar.

We need to write some logic to let users use FUSD for CryptoDappy. Can you please look into that?

You're awesome ๐Ÿ’ช thanks!!

The mission brief

This mission focuses on fungible tokens and Flow's stablecoin FUSD.

The starting branch for this mission is mission-4

Interlude: smart contract overview

Before we start with the topic of this lesson, it might be helpful to get to know more about the smart contract powering CryptoDappy. Take a look at this high-level walkthrough which will help to build your mental model of the application's overall architecture.

Fungible token: high-level overview

FUSD is an implementation of the fungible token standard on Flow, so understanding FUSD necessitates a firm grasp on the concept of fungible tokens.

FUSD: checking vault & balance

After the high-level concepts out of the way, we'll now be jumping into the code to implement FUSD, checking for the vault of a user and the specific FUSD balance.

How to get FUSD on testnet

Getting Flow and FUSD